Cookies Policy

The Controller’s website uses the so-called cookies (special files coming from a given website, recorded and stored by a given web browser), which are then saved e.g. on the user’s hard drive or in the memory of the device. This type of files is used, among other things, to facilitate moving around the site managed by the Controller, and may also serve to better record specific user preferences on our site. Please be advised that it is possible to delete these files from your hard drive or block their storage. The way in which such changes are made depends on the web browser you are using; you can make the changes by properly configuring the browser settings or the device you are using. Not changing the above settings is interpreted as the user’s consent to accept cookies. Please note, however, that blocking the storage of cookies may hinder or completely prevent the use of selected features of the site. The Controller uses cookies technology to record information about the user’s behaviour on its website. The data collected is profiled and used for purposes such as creating personalised advertisements or demographic reports by the Controller. The Controller uses for this purpose, among others, Google Analytics tool tracking the traffic on the EPPARG website.