Deutsche Leibrenten Achieves Strong Growth In 2019

German market leader for property pension schemes expands its presence nationwide

During 2019, Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG achieved record amounts of new business transactions and procured volumes with 210 units and 75 million euro, respectively.  The strong execution corresponds to growth of over 100% in the size of the company as compared to December 2018, thereby confirming the scalability of Deutsche Leibrenten’s platform and institutional nature of its portfolio and operations.  These results secure Deutsche Leibrenten’s position as the market leader for property pension schemes in Germany, and further strong growth is expected during 2020 and beyond.

“We are pleased with the strong results of 2019 and are optimistic regarding our future prospects.  With the 50-million-euro convertible bond issued in November 2019, we have laid the foundation to further expand our strong position in the market for property pension schemes”, says Friedrich Thiele, CEO of Deutsche Leibrenten AG. “With some five million property owners over the age of 65 in Germany, and a continuously ageing population, the market for responsible property pension schemes is very large.”

Establishment of own branch offices in major cities

The Frankfurt-based company offers homeowners throughout Germany aged 70+ all forms of property pension arrangements: monthly pension payments, a one-off payment, or a combination of both.

Alongside the continued expansion of the external sales structures consisting of real estate agents, banks and insurance companies, this year Deutsche Leibrenten AG will also be creating a third pillar to its sales capacity in the form of its own branch offices in major German cities.

“We will intensify our successful working partnership with local partners” says Thorsten Zucht, Chief Sales Officer. “By having our own branch offices, we can offer additional direct key account capacities for providing financial advice and financial services.”

Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG offers responsible products to pensioners seeking to release equity without having to move out of their own home. The sellers have a life-long right of residence based on legal usufruct principles – all fully notarised and entered in the land register – and receive a monthly pension and/or a one-off payment. The sole provider of these kinds of pension products, the Frankfurt-based company acquires properties throughout Germany and is supported by its majority shareholder, Obotritia Capital KGaA, based in Potsdam.

Deutsche Leibrenten owns in excess of 400 properties and is Germany’s leading provider of property-based pensions. The company is a member of the European Pensions and Property Asset Release Group (EPPARG).

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